I don't know about you but I did not find the iData Corp training session to be very helpful with respect to using Third Party software - especially Summation - which is supposedly very integral to TD.  My general feedback from other TD users is that TD does not like load files of any kind so don't use them. I used the Summation load file but had to make a few changes. Here is the process I went through to get images, bates range, document breaks and page counts loaded. The only alternative tot his is a manual load and if your data covers 40,000 pages or more that may be more daunting than time allows.

First of all, what ever images, or data coding you have, you should copy it to your hard drive or local server location.

Second copy the load file for summation - the one that ends in DII - and change the ending to TXT.  Open the file in your Notepad or Notepad++ application.  You will see a line that reads:

                                                         @D @I Box 34 

The Box 34 may also be a path to images on a CD such as \MYDATA2013_001\IMAGES\00\00\

What you want to know is that the @D is a TOKEN in Summation that is required for every image - in SUMMATION ONLY.  TD can not use these TOKENS. The @I  TOKEN  refers to the image location and can be replaced with a UNC PATH or hard drive location such as:




Simply go into the Notepad replace dialogue box and add the correct path for all occurrences of @I or @D using the text editor "Replace All" dialogue box.

Once this is done, rename and save this file to your local hard drive and remember to rename it using the DII suffix.  Then go into TD and choose the DOCUMENT menu for batch uploading. A dialogue box will give you a choice of types of batch files to use. It automatically defaults to TD format but you can select Summation(tm) Document Information Index (*.DII)

Then you wait for the documents and images to load.  Depending on size of load this could take a while.  

Once that is done you may still not see your images.  You then have to go to TD's TOOLS menu/Global Editor and remove any token shown for the path to the images. You may see:  

                                           @D @I  C:\PFRANC\IMAGES\00\0

This needs to be changed to

                              C:\PFRANC\IMAGES\00\0, or; 

Click save, return to Explorer in TD and see if you can see the image. Each document should now be loaded with the correct document page count.